Saving Money on Foreign Currency Exchange

When making a money transfer it is the aim of most people to lose as little money as possible. There are many ways to seek out the best prices but it can take time so often a currency exchange provider is the best port of call. Here are some tips on finding the best foreign currency rates:

Your own account manager If you are frequently transferring large amounts of money it can make sense to work with a company who will provide you with an account manager who will actively look for the best foreign currency exchange on your behalf. They will provide advice on the best commercial currency exchange available and the bets process to follow. These foreign exchange experts have been in the industry a long time and have great experience so can guide you through all the pitfalls.

Commission free transfers There are some companies that will charge a commission to carry out a money transfer but there are many that don’t. They will however charge a marginal rate which falls in value as the amount you transfer increases. To find the best fees you should look at all the options open to you and make an informed decision. By researching the companies thoroughly you will gain confidence in your chosen currency exchange specialist and will feel relaxed about the transaction.

Research foreign currency exchange Research is the best means of finding the best foreign exchange rates. If you transfer money often you should always track the exchange rates. A good reputable foreign currency exchange company will have competitive rates.

Regular payments If you have to make regular payments you can agree this with the company and they will choose the most advantageous time to transfer money. This can save huge amounts of money. At Pure FX we offer a full currency exchange service with competitive rates.