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Touch-Screen Tablet PC This Year Will Reach 60 Million Shipments

According to Display Search “2011 touch screen in the first quarter of the latest market analysis” report (Q1’11 Touch Panel Market Analysis Update), 2011 required the touch screen flat panel computer shipments are expected to reach 60 million. Apple is likely in 2011 and 2012 continue to be the largest flat-panel touch screen consumer business, while other brands will catch up in 2012. Display Search estimates required for 2016 touch-screen tablet PC shipments will reach 260 million, an increase over 333% in 2011.

Vice President Emerging Display Technology Display Search said Dr. Jennifer Colegrove, a touch screen Tablet PC applications in the fastest growing product type, most of the Tablet PC to emulate Apple’s use of projected capacitive multi-touch technology; a small part of the Tablet PC using resistance touch technology, because the technology has handwriting recognition and cheaper; There is also a part of the Tablet PC digital board to have handwriting recognition and drawing functions.

Regions because of the touch screen technology and supply chain needs of local customers vary. In China Taiwan, touch screen touch screen suppliers to expand production capacity in a more holistic value chain when they want to touch screen tablet PC and mobile phone applications can be as successful. In North America, Atmel, Synopsys released the application of international and IDT to the projected capacitive touch screen of the new controller IC products. In Japan, the yen weak, suppliers strive to put into production, plant type (Gunze) and Suzutora ITO film and other companies are expanding production capacity.

Currently, there are 10 kinds of different structure are applied to meet the projected capacitive touch screen. Application depends on the structure of IP suppliers and production processes of different capacity. Further pointed out that Dr. Colegrove, who can to optimize the structure, at least in the materials and processes to produce the most compact high-performance products, will come to the touch panel market is expected to become the most successful suppliers.

“The first quarter of 2011, the latest touch-screen market analysis” of the other elements include:

AU Optronics will be on-cell touch-panel display applications to small and medium size, good rate of success will be increased to 80%. AUO and began shipping to digital cameras, portable auto navigation system (PND) and mobile phones and other customers.

HP introduced the first touch one model, the computer monitor can be adjusted 60 degree angle pitch to meet the requirements of the user comfort. Apple in 2010, also applied for similar patents. This user-friendly solutions in the future will greatly promote the touch-screen machines in one application.

2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, Sharp, Motorola, Lenovo, RIM, Dell, Freescale, Microsoft Kinect, PrimeSens, e OpenNI, Multi Touch Ltd, 3M, Touch Revolution, IDT, Stantum, LG Display, Wacom , Keytec and Samsung have the touch or touch screen display functionality.

Mobile phones and tablet PCs in touch solution, plays a decisive role in the control chip.