The No Stop, Hedge Foreign Exchange Trading Grid Technique

This no stop loss, hedged Foreign Exchange trading Grid technique is now extremely popular due to the fact that same currency hedging gives a chance to transact with no stop loss loss order . This is exceptionally appealing to many Currency traders.

So how does it work:- In essence after you have sold and bought a currency (creating a hedge) you would decide a trading grid consisting of price levels above the current price and below the present price. These price levels are normally exactly the same range apart (say 200 pips). Each time the price reaches one of the price levels you would buy and sell the currency (thereby generating a hedge). You would also liquidate or close your positive transactions at that time. Sooner or later the amounts you cash in will be even larger than the cost of your open transactions (hedges) and you would liquidate all your deals at a net profit and then take a break or start all over again. In case this sounds overly basic for you there are a few excellent videos readily available on the Internet which explain these ideas in more detail.

As you can notice it is very mechanical and does not require any thought – just follow the rules. Because of this it make the Grid system an ideal automation system – you do however need to know the mechanics of the technique exceptionally well in order to determine the optimal grid size and currency cross pair to use.

This no stop, hedge, currency trading Grid system however remains one of the most misunderstood and abused forex methods around. This is due to the fact that the no stop, hedge Currency Grid Method is more of an investment technique than a trading technique. Moving from a quick day trading strategy to a long term investment technique is something tremendously few Currency traders can do. It requires such a paradigm shift in trading that day traders become impatient and reckless and lose their trading account tremendously quickly by adopting inappropriate grid sizes or using the wrong currency cross.

A fact that Forex traders can’t come to grips with is that you don’t need forex charts to transact the Grid system. Currency trading is almost totally based on fundamental and technical analysis that uses Currency charts to determine optimal trading entries and exits. Not the grid technique. If you know that you are going to be selling and buying (hedging) a particular currency at predetermined price levels no matter what, why would you need forex charts.

The investment technique uses some of the aspects (not all) of the dollar cost averaging investor’s use. If you invest at a certain price level and the price moves to a increased price level and you invest again, your average purchase price is lower than your most recent purchase price. As long as the price stays higher than your average price you are in profit. Likewise if you buy at a certain level and the price falls to a lower price level and you buy again, you have decreased your average purchase price and it does not need to go up much for you to breakeven. In the same way, the Grid technique trades until the cost of the hedges is lower than the earnings from cashing in the positive transactions.

By buying and selling at each Foreign Exchange grid level and also liquidating positive transactions the investor is moving closer to the point where at some point the total investment will probably be cash positive and can then be liquidated.