Two Great Speaker Systems in Market

There are tons of speakers available in the market and it is really hard to choose amongst them the range is quite intimidating. I wanted a speaker set for my iPod, to listen to music while I am at home. The Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 that I got has excellent value for money with the great sound quality and lot of useful features. It has a travel friendly design with understated looks and the speaker is compatible with both iPod and other music players. But for the latter, you will have to plug it through the auxiliary line in. The iPod is connected directly through the dock provided in the center of the unit. The sound quality of the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere is really good for an iPod speaker. I won’t say that it is the best one out there but for the given price range, the quality is certainly worth noting. The speaker is powered by rechargeable battery so you can take this with you while traveling. However, if you are looking for a compact, I would recommend you to look elsewhere because this set is a bit big. The wall charger is quite innovative.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere comes with a remote control and its range is not that good. The main reason to have a remote control is to control the speaker from a distance but if you have to move closer to the unit for controlling it, then the whole purpose is defeated. This is the only problem that I had on this device. Other than that, it is pretty good. On the other hand, if you want something to play music in the car, check out the Alpine car audio alpine ida-x305 which I got a couple of weeks ago. It has some cool features like quick search function which make it really easy to search through the large music libraries very quickly. The manufacturer offers add on modules for extending the feature set of this device. Here too, I have a complaint; there is no optical disc player. This means if you have a huge CD collection, it won’t be of any use on the Alpine car audio alpine ida-x305. The music will have to be copied to a thumb drive through a computer first but this needs extra time. Plus, if you have a really big collection, then converting the music will take ages.

On the bright side, I was impressed by the audio support on the Alpine car audio alpine ida-x305. The player supports AAC, WMA, and MP3 formats for audio and thus it covers all the important ones. To sum it up, I’d recommend the Alpine car audio alpine ida-x305 to people who listen to music via thumb drive. I will again reiterate that searching through loads of music is really easy on this player and this is a big plus. But if you have a big audio CD collection, there are other players in the market. Before you purchase them, make sure what all features they have to offer. Also check their audio quality.

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