Day trading Emini futures for daily income


Day trading with the Emini S&P Futures is really a great way to make a living! I hear and read many articles, newspaper ads, and even an ezine or two that claim that day trading is a surefire way to lose all of your money. I totally disagree. On the contrary, it’s an incredible way to work a few hours a day and make a very nice 6-digit income.

Undoubtedly, many new day traders are at risk and ultimately lose their money day trading. It bothers me when I read about it. That gives the successful day traders, like myself, a bad reputation. I know some day traders who have been doing this successfully for many years. What I’ve learned is that success leaves its mark! That said, the successful day traders all seem to be doing the same thing, while the unsuccessful day traders also do the same – which, no surprise, is the opposite of what the successful traders do!

We need to examine the root of the real problem, which is why do most day traders lose all their money? I think that’s a really easy question to answer. Usually it’s a lack of discipline and a solid set of day trading rules. Sometimes it’s capitalized and scared. Fear in itself is probably the greatest of the day trader killers.

You can buy books, seminars, and maybe develop your own strategies for daily trading. All of this is great, but if you can’t follow the rules to the letter, you just won’t become a successful day trader. Discipline to follow the rules is a difficult thing! I’ll admit when I started I had a hard time changing my rules all the time. That cost me tens of thousands of dollars. Read more about my successes and failures:

Finally, I learned that the key to successful day trading is income trading. I am not trading at a target price. I know how much money I have to make every day and I go out and make it. Once I hit my daily profit goal, I just quit for the day.

My trading methods are very simple and easy to learn. They require discipline! You must follow the rules at all costs. My methods generate at least 1 point of daily trading with the S&P 500 Eminis. I support this with a double money-back guarantee!

I post my real trading results on my blog every day I do not post “hypothetical” trades. I post real trades with real fills! Some of my trades are winners and some are losers. Anyway, I put it there for the world to see. I urge you to look at them. Every now and then I take a day off, on these days I post hypothetical results and make it clear that I did not act on that day! But even my hypothetical trades are very realistic trades that would have been executed with limit orders!

Please don’t believe when people tell you that day trading doesn’t work. You can make a very nice living day trading. I think the people who do it badly are just the “wannabes” who didn’t make it. Instead of complaining about it, find out why it didn’t work for you! Did you really follow every rule? Did you maintain discipline all the time? Whatever you do, please don’t berate the people who are really doing it! And that successfully every day.

It was only recently that I decided to teach my trading methods. Some of the reasons I do this is because I’m tired of hearing so much negative about my industry. I also have a strong desire to teach. I’ve shared my methods with a handful of people and I enjoy teaching and love to see the excitement and excitement in them. If you have the discipline to follow solid rules, you can be a very successful day trader.


Source by David Marsh