Sundaram Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan

Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund has launched several schemes which are generating returns more than the benchmark rates since inception. The fund managers for these schemes are more experienced and they take wise decisions in difficult times. The systematic investment plans launched by Sundaram mutual fund is one of the most successful schemes. This type of scheme is similar to investing in a bank recurring deposit. This plan generates more consistent returns when compared to the regular schemes as this type of investment has many advantages.

Sundaram SIP Plans:

You can make monthly payments which will reduce your burden of making single payments at a single time.
As you are investing each month, you buy units at different cost. Once you calculate the average cost of the units bought by you, the cost will be less when compared to regular purchase. This is called averaging. So this would also help you to earn more returns.
The minimum investment amount would be very less so that more retail investors and low income persons can participate in this scheme.
There are variety of payment options like post dated cheques and sip auto debit facility. You can issue post dated cheques for the monthly instalments. The company will send the cheques for clearing on the corresponding dates. Once they receive the payments they will buy additional units for your folio and will send you the updated statement. The units will be bought on the current NAV.

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